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Friends Only

I have decided to make this a friends only journal. I have this journal so that I can get to know my friends from CoS/HM better and [ profile] westerosorting . Please comment below if you would like to be added.

I like making new friends that share my fandom loves or interests, but I reserve the right on who I want viewing my personal journal.

If you were my friend and I cut you it was most likely because you went away for awhile...comment and let me know you are back.


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I thought so, I just wanted to be sure. :D

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I don't know how to not make this show on the Friends page so this probably won't be the last. But if you are my mutal friend already no need to be re-added :)

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I lurves Harry Dresden, but I lurves you more. :D

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*comments lots*!!!

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*is my friend lots*
(deleted comment)

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Of course we are!! :D

We will have to catch up more here and facebook because I don't go in the as much anymore :)

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Hi Bethany! :) I don't know if you really know me that well, but I'm Rys aka GrangerHermione from CoS. :D Anyway, I just wanted to be added so that I could get to know my fellow Hogsies better. But if it's too much trouble then it's OK. :)

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Hello!! I saw that you added me and I will add you back. I have been super busy today finishing BD. But welcome :D
(deleted comment)

It makes me sad

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Sorry Matt, I really didn't want to, believe me. I was not going to because I myself had not seen anything from your mouth, until you made that last post.

But the open hostility baffles me. I guess I just don't get exactly what is going on.

But I do know that the staff at CoS forums volunteer their time and effort into running the site and I had a hard time with what was said in your post. :(

I don't understand where all this is comming from, probably because I haven't been around CoS as much.

I am willing to friend you back. But I would ask that you put me on a filter when you are complaining about CoS and the staff there, because I would rather not even have those posts on my friends page :)

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You seem like a very nice person, & we share HP & asoiaf fandoms. Add me?

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Absolutely! :D I also love all your Malificant icons :D